May 2014 - Thank You Administrative Professionals!

In April we got to hear from some of our hard working members in light of Admin Professionals Day. One such member is Peter Durrant who works at the Toronto East General Hospital. An important part of his job is processing homeless patients in the emergency who don’t have a fixed address. Many times their healthcare card has expired and they need to provide the health system with a new address. Usually Peter does some investigative work and discovers the last shelter they visited and uses that address to process these patients through the system.

And Peter has been known to give them a helping hand.

“Two or three summers ago I met one guy who was living in a rooming house to collect some health information for him. When I walked into his room, I noticed he had no window in his room, his room was sweltering hot and he was covered with bed bug bites. I spoke to someone and he got a better room in several days.”

Another part of his job is saving public healthcare dollars. Many people don’t know they have private health insurance plans that will cover some of the costs of their visit in a hospital. This helps the hospital save money and invest it into other areas of care. If a patient indicates they have private insurance, he finds out which company they are, what kind of insurance they offer and determines if they can help cover the cost of the patient. With healthcare costs rising every year, its important large insurance companies help cover the costs.

Administrative professionals play a key role in our healthcare system and we are grateful to them!

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