Meet Evelyn Belchior

Meet Evelyn Belchior, a politically active RPN, SEIU Member and strong patient advocate who works at the Niagara Health System. She has many years of experience working in the emergency room providing urgent care for patients, as well as delivering specialized mental health services. She has done a lot of work promoting the vital role RPNs play in our healthcare system to voters and elected officials throughout Ontario.

“Three years ago I went to Queen’s Park in Toronto during Nursing Week with SEIU’s Nursing Division. We spoke with many different MPPs, including the premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne.” 

“We had a very honest conversation about the new hospital we were building in St. Catharines. She was also interested in learning more about how expanding RPN’s scope of practice helps improve patient care.”

When Evelyn isn’t lobbying the government, she is active in political events throughout the province. 

“I was involved with SEIU at the Council of the Federation meeting that took place at Niagara-on-the-Lake in 2013. I was one of many activists who were a part of the healthcare coalition fighting to stop the creeping privatization of our healthcare system. Privatization threatens good healthcare jobs and universal access to our publicly funded Medicare system.”

“I also became heavily involved in SEIU’s Member Leadership Action Program and have participated in four different elections over the past few years. I speak to members and encourage them to vote for the candidate or the party who is best suited to strengthen our healthcare system.”

“Over time I have noticed how politics and political engagement can strengthen our healthcare system. That is good for everyone. ”

Learn more during Nursing Week about nurses and the contributions they make  to our healthcare system.

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