Meet Louise Smart Garrett

SEIU Healthcare Administrative professional member Highlight Louise Smart Garrett

Meet Louise Smart Garrett. She is a Health Records Clerk at Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket. Louise, like many administrative professionals, works hard to keep our healthcare system moving. Administrative professionals provide critical and accurate information to doctors and nurses, making the care and treatment of patients more efficient and the overall system running more smoothly.

Here's what Louise had to share about her role as an administrative professional:

We review patients' charts, doctor’s notes, tests, and other data. First we go through them to make sure it’s the same patient and make any corrections. Then we make sure the chart is complete and if required, assign a deficiency to the Physician for completion.

"My main role is to analyze the quality of a chart. We scrutinize them to make sure all the information is correct and provided."

One of the most challenging parts of the job is the high mental demand required from us. We have to view every document and make sure it’s 100% correct. We spend 7.5 hours looking at 80-100 patient discharges a day. And that’s just the inpatient charts. That’s not including outpatient charts that range around 1500 patient charts daily.

We play a key role in the circle of care. If we didn’t analyze the charts, doctors would spend a lot more time reviewing charts  than treating patients.

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