Meet Margaret Sisler

Meet Margaret, a Ward Secretary/Clerk at Niagara Health System (NHS). She works at the inpatient unit at the NHS Douglas Memorial in Fort Erie. It’s her job to deal with inquiries from the public, families, hospital staff and liaise with the appropriate department nurse or doctor. Margaret like other administrative professionals, works hard to keep our healthcare system moving.

“Every role within a Hospital has meaning and no one should feel undervalued. We all have a purpose and a common goal. We all make a difference."

“I process doctor’s orders, schedule outside appointments, CTs and MRIs and arrange transportation to other sites for clients. I also prepare all the paperwork required for new clients. I schedule staff on a daily basis for sick time, vacations, and more. I also do payroll for two units.”
“Working together as a team, our job is to look after our client’s well-being. We help each other. I have spoken to so many people from other sites but have never actually had a chance to meet them face-to-face. We all serve the same purpose and there are some awesome people out there.”
“Some days can be quite challenging. There are not enough hours in the day to complete what is needed, leaving the rest of the work to the nursing staff. I’m the only administrative professional in the unit. This is challenging for both them and myself.”
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