Meet Robert Jackson

Robert is a hard-working dietary worker and SEIU Healthcare member at Westside Long Term Care, a Revera nursing home in Toronto. He’s been working in their cafeteria for 21 years. One of the best parts of his job is simply interacting with the residents who live in his nursing home.

“I enjoy talking with the residents I am serving food to,” Robert said. “One of the residents told me he was friends with Pierre Elliott Trudeau. I met a few other residents whose children have achieved some great careers in hockey and football. I always enjoy hearing their stories.”

But the job just isn’t about socializing with residents. It’s also about serving them food - properly.

“We always have to be more alert,” he added. “If a resident can’t eat strawberries, you better make sure you don’t serve them to them. If they can’t eat nuts, make sure they are far away from them. You always have to be on your game so there isn’t a mix-up. It’s demanding, but we get it done.”

Dietary workers like Robert are the reason why SEIU Healthcare is celebrating Healthcare Food Service Workers’ Week.

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