Member Highlight: Meet Elaine Isaacs

She is a hard-working Developmental Support Worker (DSW) for CHOICES, an organization who supports and assists people living with a developmental disability. It’s her job to create programs that helps them achieve important personal goals in their life.

“Usually the goals are related to social engagement,” Elaine said. “They might want to make a friend. They might want to go to a restaurant and order food. I create programs that focus on helping them achieve their goals.”

One important program she is working on is called Reciprocity. It partners a CHOICES resident with a member of the Salvation Army and develop a friendship with one other. They both have the opportunity to work together on a volunteer initiative at least once a month. They will learn what it means to be an active community member and give back to society.

Thanks Elaine Isaacs for investing your heart and soul into helping people with developmental disabilities! It’s people like you who we should be saluting on DSW Day.

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