Meeting of the Minds

Sandee Green at Choices

Sandee Green is an SEIU Healthcare member who has been very busy talking about the important role Developmental Service Workers (DSWs) play in our healthcare system. When she isn’t helping support the needs of people with a developmental disability at CHOICES Association Inc., in Dundas, she is an active member of Meeting of the Minds. It’s an advocacy group dedicated to becoming leaders and advocates for people with developmental disabilities.


The group has only been around for two years but they have very active. They have been busy speaking at numerous events held by the Rotary Club, Down Syndrome Day, the Optimist Club, and others. But they aren’t doing all the talking. An MPP from the Hamilton area will be addressing them in the near future.


This year on DSW Day, which takes place on January 20, the group plans to bake some food to give to members and other staff in recognition for the good work they have done caring for their clients. Also this month, they plan to pay their respects to all those who suffered from a developmental disability and died in an institution. Before the days of independent and supervised living, many people with developmental disabilities spent most of their lives in a large institution, closeted away from the public.


The group has also opened up a snack shop to raise money to help members learn more about advocacy. They plan to send some of their members to a self-advocacy conference in Port Elgin in the fall of 2016.


If you would like to know more about Meeting of the Minds, please contact Sandee Green.




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