Do I need it?

Who does this new requirement affect?

All members of the General, Extended, Temporary, Emergency Assignment and Special Assignment classes are required to hold PLP. Members in those classes are accountable for ensuring they hold PLP that meets the requirements set out in By-Law 44.4.

I am working as an RPN in one facility and as an unregulated care provider (UCP) in another. Do I need PLP that will cover me for both roles?

Members of the College require PLP that will cover all of their nursing practice. Because nurses who work in different roles remain accountable to the College, they must ensure they have PLP that will cover them if a situation arises that would require them to step out of their UCP role and into a nursing one to provide nursing care.

Do I need PLP in the event I provide emergency care outside my practice setting?

The Good Samaritan Act, which speaks to the issue of health care professionals providing first aid and emergency care at the scene of an accident or in another emergency situation, applies to all health professionals, including nurses. 

I also work at a non-SEIU workplace as a nurse, does this insurance cover me there too?

Yes, the insurance covers you in all workplaces so long as you meet the requirements for coverage.

I used to belong to the RPNAO which provided insurance, do I still have to join the RPNAO?

You are not required to join the RPNAO.  However the union encourages members to maintain affiliation with the RPNAO as it is, in addition to the SEIU Nursing Division, a professional voice for nurses.

How much PLP coverage do I need to have?

The minimum coverage required is:

  • $1 million per claim for General, Temporary, Emergency Assignment and Special Assignment classes 
  • $5 million per claim for Extended Class (NPs). If your coverage includes a maximum amount that will be covered in a year, it must be at least:
  • $2 million per year for General, Temporary, Emergency Assignment and Special Assignment classes
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