Our Sweet $16 campaign to fix our homecare system continues and we have a new video to show you. It explains to Ontarians what PSWs do and reinforces our four concrete asks of the government:

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We need your help to spread the word! Contact your MPPand ask them to keep fighting for Sweet $16. We know the government is hearing our members loud and clear, so now’s the time to keep up the pressure and get real commitments. This is advocacy in action!

Since we launched on March 18, the campaign has reached thousands of people via newspaper ads and social media posts and discussions. We encourage you to also check out our posts and videos about it on our new blog.

Here are some telling comments from Facebook:

Chrystal Joy Becker: This is just the beginning!!! Positive Motion!! Spread the information!! Take time to pay attention when voting!!! Together we can change OUR future!!

Darryl Spencer: Definitely an undervalued profession... It’s sad the think that so often while PSWs give so much to their clients that they would have to deal with the extra burden of living in poverty. Society needs a wakeup call about what's important, we need to value the people who take care of those who can't care for themselves... One day one of those people could be us.

Thank you for standing with us in this important fight!