On Saturday June 8, 2013, we held our 3rd Annual Multi-Faith& Community Network (SMCN) Fundraising Gala, at Steelworkers Banquet Hall in Mississauga to raise funds for community scholarships.

More than 300 attendees were treated to live performances by gospel singer Lorraine Harris, sketch comedy by Miracle Center Ministries, and performances by Chaundelle Parris and band "Why Blues"

The fun-filled evening united community partners, nurses, personal support workers, dietary aides, clerical workers and environmental staff employed by hospitals, long-term care homes and community homecare agencies for a charitable cause.

The gala is the largest event for SEIU Multi-Faith & Community Network. It’s a forum designed to recognize the amazing contributions SEIU Healthcare members make in caring for people not only at work, but in the community. The gala highlights in particular the importance of union members giving back by being involved in initiatives to help build a better society for all citizens.

"Our members work every hard every day providing critical health care to Ontarians," Sharleen Stewart, President of SEIU Healthcare who addressed the gathering. "It is truly impressive that these members have taken the time out of their busy lives to raise funds to ensure at risk youth, both at home and abroad, have an opportunity to further their education and help make a better society."

The fundraising gala in support of four post secondary scholarships for at-risk youth in GTA neighbourhoods and one for youth in Denham Town, a notoriously troubled suburb of Kingston Jamaica. The gala was a huge success, generating over $12,000 for education.

For pictures from the 3rd Annual Multi-Faith& Community Network (SMCN) Fundraising Gala, check out our Flickr and on Facebook.