Nearly 200 SEIU members and their families came to SEIU’s 3rd Annual Fishing Day, held on Wednesday, July 10 at Chippawa Creek Conservation Area. Everyone had the chance to play games, enjoy a delicious BBQ, and of course, catch a few fish.

And a few fish is just an understatement! More than half of the attendees who picked up a rod caught a fish. They caught largemouth bass, sun fish, crappies and others.

Not only did some of these children fish for the first time in their lives, they caught fish that weighed 3-4 pounds. Sometimes the fish were so big their rods almost broke in two. The largest catch of the day was a five-pound largemouth bass. That’s pretty big!

If they weren’t fishing, they were playing fun games in the summer sun. They rolled up their sleeves in a tug of war, played with a giant parachute, enjoyed some face-painting, and so much more.

SEIU Fishing Day was a blast, three times in a row!

Fishing Day was created in memory of Union Representative Rob West, who worked in SEIU’s St. Catharines office. Rob died of cancer in 2010.