Protect our Community Hospitals from Cuts and Privatization

The Ontario government is taking a giant step towards privatized health care by cutting services and procedures from local hospitals and allowing them to be delivered by for-profit corporations instead. Our community hospitals need to be supported and protected, not cut and dismantled. And you can help!

What’s going on?

Ontario’s public, non-profit local hospitals are under threat. The Ontario government has proposed a new model of private clinics that offers no legislated protection against for-profit privatization. The government plans to establish private clinics expressly not covered under the Public Hospitals Act.

Already, for-profit corporations are lining up to bid for hospital services and procedures. Services that are being cut from local hospitals, all across Ontario, are being privatized by for-profit corporations. Some examples include physiotherapy, endoscopies and cataract surgeries, and there are many more to come under the proposed new model.

Why does this matter?

Already, the existing private clinics are more likely than hospitals to charge patients an array of user fees and to engage in extra billing. This means that for-profit, private clinics, exempted from our public healthcare laws, are charging patients for services and procedures on top of OHIP.

Worse yet, there are significant concerns about quality and safety issues in these private clinics. In one well-publicized case, an Ottawa area private endoscopy clinic failed to properly sterilize equipment, resulting in 6,800 patients notified that they should be tested for HIV and hepatitis B and C. In 2007, it was found that 13% of colonoscopies performed in private clinics were not completed. And research also found that there are more missed cancers in private clinics that do diagnostic testing than in hospitals.

The government’s plan for private clinics would des-stabilize our local hospitals’ budgets, increase the cost of healthcare, and open the door to private healthcare in Canada.

What can I do to stop this?

At SEIU, we support a universal, accessible, public healthcare system. When you need care, you should pull out your health card, not your credit card.

That’s why we are taking a stand to save our services and protect our community hospitals from cuts and privatization.

In partnership with the Ontario Health Coalition, SEIU is helping build a door-to-door campaign supplemented with media events and massive public outreach across Ontario to raise public awareness of private clinics and protect local hospital services. The campaign will culminate in a referendum that will show the government that Ontarians don’t want to pay for-profit corporations for healthcare in private clinics.

How do I get involved?

We need your help to raise awareness about the issue and hold the Ontario government to account. Our message to stop privatizing healthcare services is most powerful when it comes from frontline healthcare workers like you. The Ontario Health Coalition is holding meetings across Ontario to plan ground campaigns. Please find the location nearest you to attend.


Saturday, February 22, 2014

11am at Unifor (CAW) Hall, 600 Wabanaki Drive.

Brunch will be provided.


Sunday, February 23, 2014

11am at Peterborough Public Library, 345 Aylmer St.

Brunch will be provided.


Monday, February 24, 2014

6pm at Fox & Fiddle Restaurant, King and Wellington Sts.

Dinner will be provided.


Monday, March 3, 2014

6pm at OPSEU office, 866 Newgate Ave.

Dinner will be provided

Help save our hospital services and protect our community hospitals from cuts and privatization.

For more information, contact Patrick DeRochie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..