SEIU wants to turn that concern into action. We want to reverse the trends of the last 30 years and promote changes that will create the fairer society that most of us want. We are not alone: SEIU was one of eight unions that sponsored the Sudbury forum. Members in the hall were joined via teleconference by more than 2,000 union members across northeastern Ontario.

The discussion was wide-ranging. Since the end of the 1970s, governments around the world have attacked union rights; they have cut taxes for the rich while cutting public services for the rest of us; and they have abandoned the idea that government can play a positive role in the creation of good jobs. That’s how things got so bad.

As a union, SEIU has always fought for good jobs that allow people to live decently, bring their kids up the way they want to, and retire with dignity. We value quality public services, and we value tax fairness. That is why we are working now to put income inequality on the agenda in Ontario. The Sudbury forum was just the first of many actions to come.

There are many ways to build a fairer society, and with a provincial election possible this year, the debate around income inequality has never been more important. I look forward to working with you on this critical issue.

In solidarity,

Sharleen Stewart
SEIU Local 1 Canada .