SEIU Healthcare Celebrates Equal Pay Day

SEIU Healthcare members proudly joined with the Equal Pay Coalition in a series of events during Equal Pay Day Tuesday, April 9th.

Events got under way bright and early in the heart of Toronto’s financial district – where the disparity between what men and women make for doing the same work is even more pronounced than in other sectors.

SEIU Healthcare Secretary-Treasurer Cathy Carroll was a guest panelist on MPP Cheri DiNova’s radio show on CIUT 89.5 FM, along with pay equity specialist and lawyer, Jennifer Quito, to talk all things equal pay.

From there SEIU Healthcare members gave out Equal Pay Day shortbread cookies and spread the word to hundreds of passersby on University Avenue (on hospital row, between Princess Margaret and Mt. Sinai hospitals). Shortbread cookies because women still get short changed in the workplace.

“We want to bring awareness, because we still have to work on making sure that the value of women’s work is recognized.” said Carroll.

“This is recognized around the world. It’s about time that Canada jumped on board with this as well,” added Carroll.

You can watch Cheri DiNovo, MPP for Parkdale-Hyde Park, get up in the Ontario Legislature in support of equal pay day here.

Equal Pay Day is marked on the day in the year that it takes a woman worker to make what a man made by the end of the previous year for doing the same work. In 2013 that day was April 9th. In Ontario the gender gap between men and women’s earnings is still a staggering 28% percent!

SEIU Healthcare is Canada’s largest healthcare union – with more than 55,000 frontline healthcare workers in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and homecare agencies in communities throughout Ontario.

SEIU Healthcare at Equal Pay Day.