SEIU Healthcare members meet with Mayor of Ajax to help fulfill the promise of homecare

Today five SEIU Healthcare members (Stephanie Williams, Eulalee Robinson, Millicent Hall, Ingrid Andrew and Angela Sterread) met with the Mayor of Ajax, Steve Parish and city councillor Joanne Dies to raise awareness of issues faced by frontline healthcare workers and to urge city council to pass a resolution to fulfill the promise of homecare.

“We were able to explain to Mayor Parish and Councillor Dies how many healthcare professionals have no access to a pension plan, earn very low wages and are mostly women – an incredibly vulnerable working demographic,” said Sterread. “It’s not right and all levels of government need to work together to bring about the change we need. Today we put it on their radar,”

“It was refreshing to hear about the everyday experience of SEIU Healthcare’s frontline workers. As a family caregiver myself, the need to cut waiting lists and insist on investments in homecare hits all too close to home. Frontline staff are the heart of healthcare and we need an action plan to fulfill the promise of homecare as our population ages,” said Ms. Dies.

In the coming months SEIU Healthcare members from all over Ontario will be meeting with local councils in an effort to urge them to pass resolutions to fulfill the promise of homecare.

Photo – SEIU Healthcare members meet with Mayor Steve Parish and Ward 4 Councillor Joanne Dies (Left to right: Riley Richman and Patrick DeRochie - SEIU staff, Councillor Dies, Eulalee Robinson, Mayor Parish, Angela Sterread, Millicent Hall, Ricky Lima - SEIU Staff, Ingred Andrew and Stephanie Williams).