SEIU Healthcare members meet with Mayor of Ajax to help fulfill the promise of homecare

Today five SEIU Healthcare members (Stephanie Williams, Eulalee Robinson, Millicent Hall, Ingrid Andrew and Angela Sterread) met with the Mayor of Ajax, Steve Parish and city councillor Joanne Dies to raise awareness of issues faced by frontline healthcare workers and to urge city council to pass a resolution to fulfill the promise of homecare.


SEIU Healthcare Celebrates Equal Pay Day

SEIU Healthcare members proudly joined with the Equal Pay Coalition in a series of events during Equal Pay Day Tuesday, April 9th.

Events got under way bright and early in the heart of Toronto’s financial district – where the disparity between what men and women make for doing the same work is even more pronounced than in other sectors.


SEIU’s Black History Recap

SEIU’s Black History Recap

This year’s Black History Month celebrations showcased the various talents of the membership within SEIU. Organized and executed with perfection by SEIU’s Human Rights Committee, this was the first time SEIU hosted it’s very own event in our own building.

This year’s theme, “Keeping the Dream Alive”, entertained as well as educated members and their families, showcasing a rich history within the African Canadian community of historic trailblazers and iconic trendsetters.


SEIU Healthcare responds to outrageous compensation for hospital CEOs

Sun News


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SEIU speaks out at the Rich and the Rest of Us Forum

On January 8, I had the pleasure of attending the Rich and the Rest of us Forum at the Steelworkers’ Hall in Sudbury. SEIU showed a strong presence at the town hall, which included teachers, fire fighters and other hard working members of the community joining in the fight for a fairer society.

The event was covered heavily by many media outlets, with the CBC, Sudbury Star and Northern Lights all having documented stories from the panel discussion that took place.

It’s a fact that the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and those in between are struggling to stay afloat. The turnout in Sudbury confirmed what opinion polls had already told us: Ontarians are deeply concerned.


SEIU Shines at Toronto’s Labour Day Parade


If you came out to Toronto’s Labour Day parade on Monday, September 3, there’s a good chance you saw your union SEIU at work. Over 300 SEIU members, their families and friends showed up to support SEIU’s fight for a better Ontario, making this year’s parade one of the biggest turn outs in SEIU history. Purple Power was on display as members chanted and sang songs of solidarity while marching all the way to the gates of the Canadian National Exhibition. See the photos.

SEIU shared their message loud and proud to the press. SEIU’s president Sharleen Stewart was interviewed on CP24, featured by CTV News and quoted in the Toronto Star, where she shared the concerns from SEIU members about the fight for a better healthcare system and improved working conditions. In the Toronto Star, Sharleen encouraged others who share the same fight in the labour movement to get involved, saying “now more than ever it’s important to come out”. Read the Toronto Star article.