Dear Premier Wynne and Ms. Horwath,

SEIU Healthcare fully supports the idea of holding several election debates over the course of the Ontario election campaign.

We are calling on you to commit to making healthcare the focus of a leaders’ debate.

Ontarians have a choice to make on June 12 on who they trust to protect public healthcare services and jobs.

A debate dedicated to healthcare would illustrate that choice and clearly show where you stand.

Unfortunately, we know a PC government would outsource hospital jobs and drive down wages in the health sector. Plus, Tim Hudak would cancel planned raises for home and community care personal support workers (PSWs) announced in April 2014. We are asking our members to stop Hudak and save healthcare.

Healthcare continually ranks as one of the top issues in public opinion surveys. And with spending on healthcare already constituting nearly half of the provincial budget, the sustainability of the healthcare system is directly tied to the Ontario government’s ability to balance the budget and grow the economy.

Before an election was called, the budget contained a commitment to raise wages for PSWs by $4.00 in just two years. This would be a major victory for these caregivers who have struggled for years to gain recognition for the vital role they play in making homecare work every day.

It is important that any party elected to lead Ontario match or surpass this historic homecare commitment. Our members will continue fighting for Sweet $16 and the many changes our homecare system needs.

Will you agree to make healthcare the focus of a leaders’ debate?



Sharleen Stewart

President, SEIU Healthcare