Fight Bill C-377, an attack on workers’ rights, privacy and ability to organize

Let’s be frank: the bill is a calculated attempt to shut down the strong participation of SEIU and other unions in the political affairs of our country to protect the rights of workers and the people they serve. It’s a hatchet job meant to undermine workers’ ability to mobilize and participate in the political affairs of Canada. It violates guarantees of freedom of expression and association. Indeed, our Fight4Ontario, and similar campaigns across the country, are doing much to protect the quality of our healthcare system, gain respect for the important jobs you do, and ensure fair working conditions. Stephen Harper and the one percent don’t like it. He hopes that this bill will cripple unions enough that we’ll back down.

If we don’t act now, he will get his way.

If Bill C-377 goes through, it will devastate unions and our ability to represent working Canadians. The Bill is unfair in its segregation of labour organizations, and completely discriminatory in its disclosure requirements. (For example, it doesn’t cover business associations friendly to the Conservative agenda.) Bill C-377 would burden us with layers of bureaucracy and waste millions of your tax dollars. It’s estimated that it will cost the government anywhere from $32 million to $45 million a year just to run the program – this at a time when the Conservatives are shutting down coast guards stations, search and rescue call centres, and eliminating food inspectors.

Then there’s the issue of privacy invasion. The Canadian Bar Association says Bill C-377 should be withdrawn because it would invade the personal privacy of individual Canadians and is likely unconstitutional. Canada’s federal Privacy Commissioner also said that the bill would invade personal privacy and overreaches in its intent.

As it stands now, the bill would require publishing a list of unionized Canadians who receive health care or pension payments from union benefits plans. And, it would require publishing home addresses of all union members in Canada on the Canada Revenue Agency’s website.


Sisters and Brothers, if there was ever a time to stand in solidarity with working Canadians it is now.

Together, we MUST defeat bill C-377. The future of Canadian labour depends on it. Join us as we say NO to Bill C-377. Here’s how:

  • Click here to send an email to your Member of Parliament and tell them this bill is an unnecessary waste of taxpayers’ money;
  • Click here to sign a petition asking MPs to defeat this bill. Once you have signed it, please share it on Facebook and Twitter;
  • Call your Member of Parliament and ask them to vote against Bill C-377;
  • Forward this message to your friends, colleagues and family and ask them to take these steps.

In Solidarity!