SEIU Local 1 Canada Represents in Ohio!


“We stood in solidarity with our SEIU family south of the border, and sprung into action when they needed us most,” said Sharleen Stewart, President of SEIU Local 1 Canada. “I’m blown away by the tenacity of our SEIU Canada members. They used their vacation time and paid their own way to Ohio, a swing state, to help with the Obama campaign. Their dedication to working people everywhere is truly amazing!”

Obama’s re-election is a huge win for America’s 99%. The U.S. President is a champion for low-income and middle-class workers struggling to make ends meet, and we look forward to another term of progressive change.

“The issues the American people face are found right here in Canada,” added Stewart. “Like our SEIU sisters and brothers in the U.S., we continue to battle a draconian conservative agenda that calls for freezing the wages of front-line workers, privatizing the healthcare system, contracting out and outsourcing jobs, crippling and eliminating unions, destroying the arbitration system, and gutting social safety nets.”

She said it’s why SEIU and its members take every election so seriously. “The right decision-makers in power can make a world of a difference for the people we represent and their families. It’s why we’ve launched our Fight4Ontario campaign, and why we won’t stop fighting for low-income and middle-class Ontarians.

“SEIU Local 1 Canada would like to thank every one of our members who volunteered to mobilize the vote during the U.S. election campaign. I know you’ve taken great pride in becoming a part of history!

“We look forward to continuing to work with you, our members, as we fight here at home for better lives—for us, our families, and the people we care for.

Together, let’s continue the Fight4Ontario!”

Click here to see our SEIU Local 1 Canada members in action in Ohio