Ontario Health Minister Deb Matthews talks about “walking-a-day” in the shoes of a PSW

CBC Radio Toronto - Metro Morning

May 24

Health Minister Deb Matthews talks about her “Walk–A–Day” in the shoes of a PSW and the challenge of achieving a guaranteed five day wait time for homecare. You can listen to the segment here

Profile of Personal Support Worker Juliette Chestney and the challenge of meeting the promise of homecare

CBC Radio Toronto - Metro Morning

SEIU Healthcare member Juliette Chestney and her relationship with a severely disabled client is profiled, and the ongoing challenge of providing homecare to an ever growing population is examined. Listen to the segment here

SEIU celebrates EMS Week!

A paramedic’s job is not easy. They work long, sleepless shifts, are exposed to viral infections, hepatitis, and tuberculosis, and commonly deal with angry and sometimes violent emergency victims. But they wear this uniform because they are Ontario’s frontline health care workers-in-blue who risk their own safety to help those in dire need.


Arbitration system isn’t broken: SEIU Healthcare

Union responds to call from OHA president to reform system, saying ‘oversight of hospitals is broken’

SEIU Healthcare has heard the call from Pat Campbell, president of the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA), that Ontario’s arbitration system is broken and needs to be fixed.

It just doesn’t agree.


Union takes on new meaning for injured Hamilton woman

Karen Weller barely noticed her union until it set up a fund to help with her medical bills

CBC Hamilton

This time last year, the union didn't mean much to Karen Weller. It was a few dollars off her pay cheque. It was the occasional newsletter or notice.

These days, she clings to that membership with all of her energy.

Weller, an east-end personal support worker, is in recovery. She's still reeling from a fatal head-on collision in New York State in February that killed one of her dearest friends and cost thousands in medical bills for her and her baby.


Union trust fund set up for Hamilton mom and baby injured in deadly crash

CBC Hamilton

Hospital bills estimated to be in the tens of thousands

A union has established a trust fund to help pay the American medical bills of one of its Hamilton members and her baby injured in a crash that killed a Stoney Creek woman.

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Healthcare set up the fund to help a personal support worker after she and her baby were struck in a fatal head-on collision in New York State last February.