HOOPP seminars answer important questions about your retirement plan

Your retirement may be years or even decades away, but you need to start thinking about your retirement now. You need to make some important decisions to ensure you have a secure monthly income that will meet your needs when you retire.


SEIU Local 1 Canada Represents in Ohio!

SEIU Healthcare Represents in Ohio!

Purple power strikes again! Though it was a tight race, SEIU-favourite Barack Obama won last night’s U.S. presidential election!

For the last several weeks, more than 25,000 SEIU volunteers, including a Local 1 Canada delegation, worked tirelessly leading up to the election. They made thousands of phone calls, knocked on even more doors, and talked to anyone willing to listen to how President Obama had worked so hard during the previous four years to restore an American economy and society left in shambles by his Republican predecessors.

And their dedicated efforts paid off! Winning by 303 to 206 Electoral seats, Barack Obama beat out Governor Romney in the country’s 57th presidential elections!


We need retirement security NOW!

We need retirement security NOW!

Our Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) needs to be strengthened! That’s why we need to let our finance ministers know a strong CPP is the best way to guarantee a stable retirement income for Canadians. 

Leading pension experts, economists, financial analysts, researchers, national organizations and editorial writers from some of Canada's major newspapers have all agreed that expanding Canada's Pension Plan (CPP) is the best way to improve retirement security.


Secretary Treasurer wins United Way Activist Award

Every year the York Region Labour Council presents an award to an employee of a labour union who has done a tremendous amount of volunteer work for the United Way.

In 2012 the Labour Council’s United Way Activist Award went to SEIU Local 1 Canada’s secretary treasurer Cathy Carroll. Read more on the United Way’s blog:

SEIU wins big at the York Region Labour Awards

Purple power was on full display at the 2012 York Region Labour Awards last night. SEIU took home three awards in three different categories, showcasing to the labour world the diversity of talent in SEIU.

Personal Support Worker (PSW) and SEIU member Sirena Riley was one of the award recipients of the evening, winning the Community Activist award. Sirena won the award for her work by collecting food, clothing and toys for the Yellow Brick House, an organization committed to rebuilding the lives of abused women and children.


SEIU battles wage-freeze legislation

On September 26, 2012, the Government of Ontario announced new wage-freeze legislation that has serious implications for unionized workers in the public sector. All unions are opposed to the legislation, and for good reason. It attacks fundamental collective bargaining rights guaranteed by Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms. To put it simply, this new law is probably illegal. Even the government admits this possibility.

The new legislation will have an impact on all unionized workers either directly or indirectly, but some workers will be affected more than others. SEIU is assessing the legislation and the Officers will provide you with more information as soon as we can.

Legislation like this reflects widespread anti-union attitudes in government, business, and even among the general public. It's important for us to take a stand against these attitudes. Our Fight4Ontario is one of the ways that SEIU and members like you are speaking out. Visit www.fight4ontario.ca in the coming days to learn more.