Nine Full-Time Jobs Created At Cassellholme

Nine full-time jobs created at Cassellholme

Photo: Cassellholme East Nipissing District Home for the Aged from

SEIU Healthcare helped negotiate a new contract for nearly 30 part-time members who work at Cassellholme in North Bay, Ontario. These homecare workers signed off on a three-year agreement that will promote nine of them to full-time positions. Instead of working only 24 hours a week, their hours will increase to 35-40. Senior management at Cassellholme approached SEIU Healthcare with a willingness to upgrade these employees.  

“This contract is good for the staff, good for the community, and very good for employee retention,”

said Jesse Stanson, the union representative for the worksite. “Employees are less likely to leave a full-time job than a part-time job.”

SEIU Healthcare members in this unit are in a good position to negotiate medical and dental benefits in their next round of bargaining.


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