Not lovin’ it: come out, come out wherever you are!

Fight for $15 in Toronto

Yesterday was a spectacularly sunny day in Toronto---perfect picketing weather for the 100 or so supporters of the global Fight for $15 movement who gathered at McDonald’s headquarters in Toronto.

As we drove up to Wynford Drive, the first thing of note were the security guards who lined the perimeter of the dated building. With hands folded and blank stares, it seemed like McDonald’s Corporate had prepared itself for a mob of some sort.

Perhaps even more apparent was the seeming lack of life inside the head office. One could only assume from the visible lack of cars in the parking lots around the building that Corporate had decided to give their head office staff the day off, but why? Perhaps McDonald’s decided to warn them of today’s Fight for $15 action. Or maybe each and every single person at the head office was out to an early lunch. Or maybe they were all out recruiting more underpaid fast food workers.

I’m sure there are a lot of explanations.

It’s a shame that these same corporate leaders who are so protective of their staff at headquarters are the same ones who turn their back daily on their frontline workers. Why is McDonald’s not as concerned with providing a living wage to all its employees, employees who serve despite getting literally burned?

This is my plea to McDonald’s corporate employees: come out, come out wherever you are. You may have missed us yesterday, but sooner or later you’re bound to wonder why your employer chooses to continuously ignore the basic needs of its frontline staff. If they can be so callous with some of your colleagues, who knows when your salary could be next.

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