November 2014 - EMERG Summit: Millennials on the Rise!

23 Young workers ages 18-35 years old from all sectors of healthcare attended a 2 day conference that focused on activating the leadership potential of young SEIU Healthcare members. The intention was to provide a space where Millennial leaders connect and form relationships with other millennials within SEIU Healthcare, and feel like a strong & necessary part of the labour movement.  Attendees were fortunate to have a mix of workshops, talks and break-out sessions, focused on raising the energy and enthusiasm of young workers. Founding member and current SEIU Healthcare Union Representative Sarah Correia participated and taught a session on ‘Knowing your Collective Agreement and Rights’. 

Everyone was in for a treat when dancer & activist, Maria Bauman from Arts & Democracy in Brooklyn, NY, spoke about her work with SEIU International. She encouraged participants to be more self-aware and reconnect to their own bodies, and challenged them to step outside their comfort zones.

The conference was reinvigorating and as a result, it was decided that Millennials will be invited to participate in regional Political Action committees with their focus on turning out the Millennial voters in 2015, among other action items.

Looking forward to hearing more from our Millennials in the coming few months!

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