November 2014 - Tomorrow Together: building our future

By now you’ve probably already seen the video- 3 bobble heads bouncing around on a school bus, headed down a long path. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out the video on our webpage!

This video is fun, light and entertaining, but most of all, it’s inviting. This month, SEIU Healthcare President, Secretary-Treasurer and Vice-President have been on the road meeting with hundreds of people- members, families, children. By November, they will have traveled to 12 locations, covering hundreds of kilometers.

But just why are they out there? President Sharleen Stewart says it well: “The truth is that our most favourite place to be is out with [the members]; speaking to you and talking about your experiences.

You may also know that there is a convention coming up next year, and though we may not be able to bring each and every one of you physically there, we want to carry your voices with us. We want you to know that what we discuss today is going to impact the conversations we have about the future of our union. Your experiences, feelings & thoughts are going to help us shape tomorrow, together.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to chat with your leaders! For more information on remaining dates and locations, click here.

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