SEIU Healthcare Nursing Week Tool Kit

SEIU Healthcare Nursing Week Tool Kit

Nursing Week, May 9-15 2016

One Goal. One Team. One Vision. We Are Nurses.

Times are changing and so are the roles of nurses. At SEIU Healthcare, we recognize that what’s important to patients aren’t the letters behind a nurse’s name, but the quality of care delivered.

All Nurses are valuable and deserve to be valued. Within our transforming healthcare environments it is important that we maintain values like collaboration and professionalism. This is why SEIU Healthcare’s Nursing Division is encouraging nurses across the province to celebrate one another by hosting a Nursing Week event. Be the best advocate for your profession by celebrating the unique contribution you make to human lives every day.

Plan A Nursing Week Event

Plan a Nursing Week event to recognize how nurses contribute to your workplace and your community! A community blood pressure clinic would be a great way to promote your skills and ability as a nurse. Is there an organizational need for nurses to have a better understanding of their role in your facility? What about a Lunch and Learn in collaboration with your Professional Practice or internal nursing council to fill some of the knowledge gaps that exist? Don’t have a council, what about a potluck to celebrate the diversity of nurses who work alongside you every day? SEIU Healthcare’s Nursing Division would like to encourage you to take the initiative in your bargaining unit and lead the way in celebrating Nursing Week.

Here are some helpful tips:

The earlier you start organizing your Nursing Week event, the better your chances of making it a success.

Step 1: Start talking about Nursing Week with other members of your bargaining unit. This will help gauge the level of support in your workplace and identify who can be a part of your Nursing Week planning committee and what nurses would appreciate.

Step 2: Establish a committee to organize your event. Involve your steward or chief steward so they are aware of what events will be going on. The steward may also be able to help you connect with your Servicing Rep.

Step 3: Set a date and brainstorm with the committee the type of ideas and initiatives that are on the nurses’ minds. Create a “To Do List” of the tasks and responsibilities that have to be done and the date they should be accomplished. Divide the tasks between the committee members. Allow nurses to volunteer for a role that they will be passionate about.

Step 4: Complete the SEIU Healthcare Nursing Week Request Form. The event request form is available here and is also from your Servicing Rep who can help you complete and submit it. Remember to request literature to promote SEIU Healthcare online Quality Assurance Modules and Personal Liability Program Insurance.

Step 5: Donation request form. Involve your community by utilizing the standard donation request letter to solicit support from local vendors. This is a great time to have local vendors honor the work you do by offering an “in-Kind” donation. Don’t forget to include your contact information.

Step 6: Ensure all your regulated nursing staff has registered for the SEIU Healthcare provided Professional Liability Protection by calling: 1-877-MRC-SEIU (672-7348) Can you make a contest out of having nurses register for PLP with the MRC?

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