Celebrate Nursing Week!

Two nurses celebrating Nursing Week

Happy Nursing Week! Nurses of all colours and stripes should feel proud and appreciated for the compassionate and professional care they provide every day throughout the year in all sectors of healthcare.

Nursing Week is celebrated each year in honour of the birth of a historic nursing trailblazer and social reformer, Florence Nightingale. She founded her own nursing school in London, England and led the way in professionalizing nursing roles for women.

You can participate in Nursing Week by sharing a photo with the hashtag #LoveNursing on SEIU Healthcare’s social media channels.

To celebrate Nursing Week, SEIU Healthcare has placed a series of ads in the local newspapers of cities such as St. Catharines, Hamilton, Haliburton, Thunder Bay, Windsor and Barrie. Entitled, One Goal, One Team One Vision. We Are Nurses, the campaign strives to illustrate the Nursing Division’s Mission Fully Valued, Fully Utilized and that regardless of whether a nurse is an RPN or and RN, each perform a vital role in the healthcare system.

SEIU Nurses now have access to the union’s 4th Annual Quality Assurance Workbook named Culturally Sensitive Care, which can be found on our website.

Nurses, check your mail this month for a Nursing Week mailing which includes more information on these initiatives as well as a handy Donning & Doffing laminated card and your Professional Liability Insurance certificate. If you have not yet renewed your Professional Liability Insurance, please contact the MRC.

Not a nurse? Be sure to show your admiration and respect for a Nurse in your life or workplace.

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