Nursing Week 2018

Nursing Week 2018

Nursing Week will take place from May 7th to 13th this year and the time is now to start planning your event!

Last year, hundreds of our nurses participated in Nursing Week events across the province planned by their colleagues. This year, we look forward to seeing even more nurses participating in these important events.

Nurses play an irreplaceable role in our healthcare system. It is important that we take the time to recognize the valuable work that we do and celebrate our colleagues and ourselves.

To view/download/print the 2018 Nursing Week Event Organizer, please click here

To save the organizer as a fillable pdf (allowing you to fill out the form on the computer, rather than printing it out and filling it out by hand), click the above link, right click the organizer when it comes up, and click "Save As".

In this event organizer, there are several tools to help you and your coworkers plan a successful Nursing Week event. Whether it’s a lunch to celebrate our profession, an event to raise awareness of the importance of renewing your Professional Liability Protection (PLP) or an educational experience that promotes ongoing learning and provides developmental opportunities, we are excited to see how you celebrate nurses and the important work that we do.

Nursing Week 2018

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Jackie Walker

Jackie Walker
SEIU Healthcare Nursing Division President

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