October 2014 - Sweet $16 Raises Start to Roll Out

Our government relations team has been in regular contact with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to try to get more clarity on when and how exactly the home and community care PSW raises would be paid. By the end of September all those eligible should have started to receive the retroactive pay and the $1.50 on top of your hourly wage.

Over 30,000 home and community care PSWs have gotten this much-needed boost thanks to the Sweet $16 campaign.

However the implementation has been easier said than done. Our FAQs address the most common questions about these raises. Some of you are getting confusing messages from your employers about who is and who isn't getting the raises. The Ministry is asking for all of our patience as it works out these issues and fixes the bugs in implementation. Your employers are expected to cooperate with government.

We also just heard that the government released a new provincial education standard for PSWs. You may recall that one of our Sweet $16 asks was for “access to standardized and ongoing continuing education and specialized training opportunities to meet the evolving needs of homecare clients.”

Our government relations expert Patrick DeRochie says “the PSW Educational Standard provides a good foundation for a provincial PSW strategy that addresses recruitment and retention challenges by providing frontline staff with benefits and retirement security options and ensuring PSWs have access to specialized ongoing training to meet the evolving needs of homecare clients.” Stay tuned on how this will play out practically.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work together on getting this done and making our collective voice a strong one that reaches government.

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