October 2014 - Taking It to the Street: New Political Action Events

Our member leadership in action (MLAP) team is taking on the 2014 municipal elections, trying out innovative events to get more union members engaged in politics.

We organized street meetings in 6 different cities at the end of September to bring SEIU Healthcare members and neighbours together to talk about political priorities from the grassroots. The goal is to increase voter turnout on October 27 and grow our #purplepower movement to fight for the rights and interests of working people.

Peterborough Team Street Meeting

Todd Beaudry, counsellor at a men’s detox centre, SEIU Healthcare member, and life-long resident of St. Catharines, helped plan and lead the St. Catharines street meeting. He said about the event: “Going out and knocking on doors was fantastic and a lot of people were very responsive. The people who showed up said “this is a fantastic idea” to have it in an open area where people can just show up and talk to you.”

This is the first time SEIU Healthcare members have done events like this, so it is a learning experience. Todd hopes to get to a place where we can expect a bigger turnout, but “the concept was there, we’re on the right path.”

Those who came out shared their concerns about what’s happening locally in St. Catharines; the lack of good jobs and the poverty levels the community is facing. People want their voices heard and for the political system to make their lives better. On October 27th, you will have the opportunity to elect a Mayor, City Councillor and School Trustees for your city. These leaders will decide what happens with millions of our dollars. So find out more about your local candidates, and Vote on Oct 27th!

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