Opportunities for Education

Over my time at SEIU Healthcare, I’ve sat in on countless meetings, conferences, and social gatherings that the union puts on. In the past, SEIU has put on some social events with an ulterior motive, hoping to lure in new faces and educate people on a plethora of issues ranging from inequality of pay for women to cutbacks on the current healthcare system.

Yes, it’s true, your union is secretly trying to educate you.

It’s like when you were little and went to the doctor’s office, after you endured the needle, you were rewarded with a lollipop. Mary Poppins once sang, “A spoon full of sugar, helps the medicine go down.”

Our members live a real life and harsh conditions; it truly makes no sense to sugar-coat the issues anymore.

In this current era where the thirst for knowledge is vast, SEIU Healthcare is being blatant and upfront about the current climate of the government as well as offering numerous opportunities to educate and inform our members. Educational opportunities are offered at SEIU Healthcare for all our members across the province to benefit from.

Tired of being pushed around and misinformed about polices and procedures within your workplace? No problem, volunteer to be a steward and get schooled on your collective agreement from our Education Department. You’ll get hands-on training on how to deal with management, get updated on your rights as an employee and find out what filing a grievance is all about.

Politics can be confusing to most people. Not understanding the system can be frustrating and overwhelming. Public sector jobs vs. private sectors jobs, where do you fit in? SEIU Healthcare’s political action committee can help clear up questions you may have in regards to government funding and contracting out language.  We understand that not everyone learns by sitting and reading. We offer interactive learning environments with skilled mentors to help inform members of various platforms of the political parties, giving background and history on the leaders of each.

I’ve seen many people get involved and benefit first hand from the educational experiences that SEIU Healthcare has offered. I’ve seen members become union reps, PSWs become political leaders, but most importantly, I’ve seen everyday people get an opportunity to learn more about their jobs and the value that they have in the labour world. We all have something to offer.

Find out how you can get connected and enhance your wellbeing. Curious? Call our Member Resource Centre at 1-877-MRC- SEIU (672-7348) to find out how you can get involved. 

Andrew Miller, Communications Specialist, former SEIU Healthcare member

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