Personal Support Worker (PSW) Day, May 19, recognizes the important work done by PSWs

(May 16, 2013 - Richmond Hill, ON) Sunday, May 19, 2013 marks the fourth anniversary of the declaration of Ontario’s Personal Support Worker (PSW) day, a time to recognize the critical role PSWs provide in sustaining our health care system and providing a high quality of community and homebased care. 

Ontario’s 40,000 PSWs are fast becoming the frontline face of healthcare and provide personal care for the elderly, the sick and the physically disabled in their homes, in long-term care facilities, in hospitals, and in select ambulatory care settings.

Ontario faces an oncoming silver tsunami of an aging population that will see nearly one in four Ontarians becoming a senior by 2036. As each year passes, the need and demand for the care PSWs provide will grow exponentially.

That’s why it is critically important that we make the right investments now to ensure that we can attract and keep the health professionals required to care for an aging population. To enable PSWs to do their job and continue to deliver high-quality care for the elderly, we must provide PSWs (who often live on poverty wages) fair and reasonable compensation and incentives to stay in the profession, like retirement security.

"To meet the coming demand for care," said Sharleen Steward, President of SEIU Healthcare," Ontario needs a homecare action plan that addresses the needs of an aging population, costs less than institutional care, allows people to remain independent and active in their community, and sustains Canada’s public healthcare system for the next generation."

She said SEIU Healthcare, which represents nearly 7,000 PSWs across the province, is calling on all levels of government to step up and take the necessary measures needed to fulfill the promise of To learn more about PSWs and their critical role they play in the homecare system, visit

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