What has politics ever done for us?

Whether you’re aspiring to join the middle class or struggling to stay in it, too many people are falling behind. Thanks to years of failed right-wing policies, there just aren’t enough good jobs that you can raise a family on anymore.

At SEIU Healthcare, we believe we can change things if we organize as frontline healthcare workers and take political action. We can grow the economy, work to eliminate poverty, and raise wages for all workers if we pressure our local, provincial and national political leaders to take steps to:

  • Support workers joining together to raise wages and improve workplace standards
  • Create good jobs for everyone
  • Provide economic security for all Canadians
  • Protect and improve Canada’s public healthcare system
  • Make our democracy fairer and more inclusive

Members taking political action

For decades, SEIU Healthcare has stood up for our members at the bargaining table, in the workplace, and on the picket lines. But now we are ramping up our struggle to take on the politicians that make the big decisions about our economy, our jobs, and our healthcare system.

We are taking action to ensure our elected officials know: we are SEIU Healthcare members. We can elect you, and we can un-elect you.

And our government relations team engages politicians to make sure they understand the importance of our members' work.


Check out our political victories and consider getting more involved through MLAP!

E-mail us at politics@seiuhealthcare.ca.

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