PRESS RELEASE: SEIU Healthcare stands with all Nurses during Nursing Week

Everyone has a role to play to make sure the healthcare system is providing the best quality care to Ontario patients.
SEIU Healthcare is proud to stand with our 7300  Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) during Nursing Week to acknowledge and celebrate the excellent care they provide every day to Ontario patients across the healthcare system.
As Ontario’s healthcare system continues to undergo substantial transformation, all of us should be working together to make sure the system has the right category of healthcare provider—from physician to nurse to personal support worker—to meet the needs of each patient in the province.
“It‘s unfortunate that during Nursing Week – a time when nurses should be coming together – that some in the profession believe the solution is to cut out entire categories of nurses.  The varied needs of patients should be solved by maximizing the skills and abilities of all our healthcare nurses – that includes both RPNs and RNs,” says Sharleen Stewart, President of SEIU Healthcare.  “Finding the appropriate healthcare worker is not solved by thinking it’s an ‘either/or’ solution – it’s about both RNs and RPNs working together.”
Nurses across the spectrum of the profession – whether you’re a RPN, RN or NP – should be assigned based on their level of training and skill to meet the unique needs of patients.
Statements that advance one category of nurse over another is not only overly simplistic but does nothing to solve for the complex solutions Ontario’s patients should expect from our healthcare system.
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Shilpa R. Sharma
Director of Communications
SEIU Healthcare

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