PSW Wage Rollout Update

2015 PSW Wage Rollout Update

On June 11, SEIU Healthcare held a teleconference town hall to update LHIN-funded homecare PSWs on new information regarding the rollout of the 2015 PSW wage increase. If you would like to hear the recorded version or need further clarification, please contact the MRC at or by calling 1-877-672-7348.

PSW Wage Rollout Update

SEIU Healthcare is the union that championed for the wage increase for Ontario’s PSWs last year which resulted in the government committing to a $16.50 minimum wage for all publically-funded PSWs by 2016 to be rolled out over a three year period. We are pleased to tell you the ministry has announced its intent to continue to implement the PSW wage enhancement of an up to four dollars per hour increase over the course of three years for publicly-funded PSWs performing personal support services, with a target minimum base wage rate of $16.50 per hour by April 1, 2016. Letters have been sent out this week from the Ministry of Health & Long Term Care to LHINs, with updates and specific details on the rollout. This information will soon be communicated to your employers.

Because of our collective efforts, our campaign to raise base wages is continuing.

What you need to know

  • First, because of the $1.50 wage increase last year, a $14.00 per hour minimum wage was implemented
  • Second, retroactive to April 1, 2015, another $1.50 will be applied to raise the base wage to $15.50
  • Third, scheduled for April 1, 2016, another $1.00 per hour will be applied to raise the base wage to $16.50
  • Fourth, those making $19.00 or more an hour will not see additional wage increases this year or next, but you will continue to receive the $1.50 an hour wage increase you received last year
  • The fifth point is about expanded eligibility for those who did not quality last year.
    • We heard concerns that the first year increase did not reach all workers doing publically-funded personal support services in the home and community sector.
    • SEIU Healthcare advocated that these individuals should also receive a base wage of $16.50, and beginning this year, the government will begin to fund wage increases for hours of personal support services provided by individuals who work in the following programs
      • Adult day services
      • Overnight respite – as part of Caregiver Support Services
      • Self-managed attendant services administered by the Centre for Independent Living in Toronto
  • And finally (this information has just been received); increase will be in place by August 1, 2015, varying only dependent on the individual pay schedule of your employer (i.e. a few days before or after this date)

You gave us a lot of feedback about the 2014 wage rollout, and we took your feedback to the government. As a result, this year the government is explicitly telling employers that they must distribute the wage increase to eligible PSWs- this is not optional.

This is all of the information we have currently. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this topic, we are happy to hear them and will attempt to find you answers. Please contact the MRC at or 1-877-672-7348.

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