RAI Co-ordinators now members of SEIU Healthcare!

A ray of sunshine is beaming down on Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) Co-ordinators employed at nursing homes whose workers are represented by SEIU Healthcare. An arbitrator recently ruled that RAI Co-ordinators must be included in SEIU bargaining units. They are now part of the SEIU family!

Many RAI Co-ordinators wanted to join SEIU Healthcare, the largest healthcare union in Canada. But many nursing homes had insisted their positions were non-union.

But SEIU Healthcare didn’t agree. And it wasn’t going to back down from a fight.

So SEIU took the case to arbitration and after several days of hearings and years of waiting for a decision, the arbitrator sided with SEIU!

In his award, arbitrator Russell Goodfellow declared that the exclusion of RAI Co-ordinators from SEIU bargaining units was in breach of our collective agreements. This is a big win for RAI Co-ordinators. They will now have an SEIU contract that will bring positive changes to their working conditions.

Wages are another important issue. Even though many RAI Co-ordinators are Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) or Registered Nurses (RNs), they sometimes earn less money than nurses who are members of SEIU Healthcare. SEIU will begin working with employers to negotiate appropriate RAI Co-ordinator rates of pay and adding the classification to our collective agreements.

SEIU Healthcare is committed to helping its members negotiate fair wages, benefits, pensions, job security and working conditions, as well as participate in political battles to protect the rights of healthcare workers and the people they serve. RAI Co-ordinators now have this same support. 
Welcome aboard!

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