Roadmaps Chronicles: SEIU on the road!

After being on the road with Manny and Sharleen last year during the Justice for PSWs campaign, there was talk of another road trip to connect with members in units across the province. I know first-hand the impact of getting to visit the work places, shaking hands with a person and looking them in the eyes versus an era of retweets and “likes”.

I’m thrilled that we’ll be hitting the road this fall to meet with members on their own turf- in their local community!

With Toronto being called a hub of social media in Ontario, it’ll be interesting to see the interactions and how things shift in terms of how we connect with our members a little further away from the “big city”. For example, our members in Thunder Bay usually come to us, or send us submissions to events online. This is the first time in 3 years that anyone in our communications department has ventured out to Thunder Bay to see the members directly. I’m looking forward to being able to build some connections to members who actually read and are engaged with our content online.

Look for me at your local event- I’ll probably be carrying a camera! Tell me what I should check out for the limited time I’m there and I’ll be sure to connect with you personally while I’m there, even give you a shout out on our blog!

I’ve been known to stay inside the hotel and use the gym equipment, but maybe in Thunder Bay I’ll take a jog past the Terry Fox monument or if I’m feeling super lazy, I’ll try and take a train around Centennial Park. In reality I doubt I’ll have much free time to do any of that because we will be visiting members for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I try my best when I take pictures to take a moment and introduce myself. I’ve got pretty good at remembering faces but names are another story. I could tell you the last time I took your photos, what event you’ve attended and where to find it on our server. Names however tend to escape me almost as soon as they’ve been shared; horrible I know, but I do tend to meet a lot of people. Please forgive me.
Usually the names I do remember are the people who hate to have their picture taken (and have told me so on numerous occasions) or people whose photos we’ve used for larger campaigns.

I’m looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible out on the road, with your families, on your turf. Let’s talk, let’s have coffee, let’s make SEIU Healthcare better together!


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