SEIU accepts the “Friends of Africa Humanity Award” at the Evening with Ndaba Mandela

It is with great honour that SEIU accepted the "Friends of Africa Humanity Award" at the Evening with Ndaba Mandela on June 30th in Toronto at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

Ndaba MandelaSEIU is proud to be one of the voices who helped combat the spread of ignorance around Ebola by providing educational resources and training to our members to ensure they were informed of the many realities of Ebola, both in Canada and abroad.

“This was such an honour, I had no idea that my Union was part of such an important cause! Not only was I honoured to represent my sisters and brothers but this solidifies the true meaning that we are the HEART OF HEALTHCARE,” said Executive Board Member, Mina Amrith.

Mina attended the ceremony along with the Ebola Committee: Natasha Luckhardt-Research Associate, Brenda Snider-WSIB/Health and Safety Representative and Carol McDowell-SEIU Healthcare Vice President.

About the Event

The room was brimming with brilliant minds, warm hearts and incredible entertainment. The event culminated in a moving keynote speech by Ndaba Mandela, Nelson Mandela's grandson, on the importance of empowering youth, building a prosperous South Africa and battling ignorance around issues which impact Africa, such as HIV/AIDS, poverty and Ebola.

A special thanks to Dr. Carver, President, CEO and CSO of the International Consortium on Anti-Virals (ICAV-CITAV) and Mark Catlin, SEIU International Health and Safety Director, for providing our research team with invaluable resources and insight on Ebola. Also, to Stacey Berry and Ammar Kamara for organizing such a beautiful event and presenting us with an award.

It was truly a pleasure to be amongst such inspiring human beings and to meet the grandson of a family with such a rich and unparalleled legacy of fighting for social justice and human rights. We are grateful to the Help Fight Ebola Canada (HFEC) and the Africa Rising Foundation for commemorating SEIU's work around Ebola.

 SEIU Accept Friend of Africa Humanity Award
Pictured from right to left: Natasha Luckhardt, Brenda Snider, Mina Amrith, Carol McDowell.

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