SEIU for Equal Pay Day #EqualPayDay

The province's Pay Equity Act and Human Rights Code strive to guarantee that women workers will not be denied equal treatment in compensation because of their gender. Despite these legal obligations, women on average continue to face a significant wage gap compared to men.

Homecare workers are extremely undervalued in comparison to other healthcare workers. These workers are marginalized and exploited because homecare is a sector dominated by women.

Hospitals have stalled on pay equity maintenance obligations for years, utilizing administrative and bureaucratic processes to avoid fulfilling the basic economic rights of women.

In nursing homes, government and private companies have taken a stand that under pay equity legislation, women workers are only owed one pay equity adjustment for the rest of their working lives.

SEIU led Charter Challenges in the courts of Ontario, and twice won the right to pay equity for women nursing home workers.

Join with SEIU to continue the fight to achieve pay equity for women!

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