SEIU Healthcare launches campaign showcasing front-line healthcare workers: "The Heart of Healthcare"

(May 13, 2013 - Richmond Hill, ON) Today SEIU Healthcare, Canada’s largest Healthcare union, launched a province-wide ad campaign designed to showcase the "Heart of Healthcare” SEIU’s 50,000-plus members across Ontario. They’re the frontline healthcare workers who provide direct care to people in virtually all settings, and who work attentively behind the scenes to keep the healthcare system running smoothly and efficiently.

The "Heart of Healthcare" campaign involves a series of television, radio, newspaper and transitshelter ads across Ontario, featuring actual SEIU Healthcare members interacting with their patients and clients.

"Our members truly are the heart of healthcare," said Sharleen Stewart, President of SEIU Healthcare. "They are the people who deliver compassionate care to those who need services every day, and those in the background whose work is vital to keeping the system running."

Ontario's healthcare system is massive, a complex network of buildings, technologies, medications, professional and support staff, infrastructure and providers, all working together to provide a full range of care. A system that, in one way or another, touches every single person in the province.

In 2012, healthcare in Ontario was a $44 billion expenditure. That was 40% of the overall provincial budget. Over the last decade, healthcare costs have risen by 7% every year, significantly exceeding inflation. Managing these rising costs as Ontario's population ages is one of the biggest challenges facing the Government of Ontario, no matter which party is in charge.

"All of us have had to rely on the healthcare system at some point, and it’s in those moments that we need the system to be about fairness and people,” said Stewart. “Our members know this because they’re the ones on the frontlines of the healthcare system every day. They’ll tell you that what they do is about more than just numbers. It’s about people."

Stewart emphasized that it’s these people and the work they do that SEIU’s ad campaign shows – the commitment, caring and dedication of SEIU Healthcare members. 

"Wisely managing our precious healthcare resources by investing in front-line healthcare workers will be vital to ensuring the sustainability and effectiveness of the system, now and in the future,” said Stewart. “Our ad campaign illustrates this in a clear and compelling way."

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