SEIU Healthcare Launches "Heart of Healthcare" Campaign!


We have some exciting news to share with you.

Starting Monday, May, 13, 2013 we launch our new "Heart of Healthcare" campaign with a series of television and radio commercials, as well as print ads in newspapers and transit shelters across Ontario.

The commercials (here and here) and ads (here and here) feature real SEIU Healthcare members showcasing their interaction with patients and clients.

So, what is the "Heart of Healthcare"?

Quite simply, SEIU’s nearly 55,000 members! Our ad campaign demonstrates the vital role SEIU members play in our healthcare system, and the value of the care they provide.

All of us have had to rely on the healthcare system at some point, and it’s in those moments that we need the system to be about fairness and people. Our members know this because they’re the ones on the frontlines of the healthcare system every day. They’ll tell you that what they do is about more than numbers. It’s about people – people who need compassionate care, and the people who deliver that care in virtually every healthcare setting, every day.

Healthcare is the nurse at the side of a child's hospital bed. The personal support worker who carefully bathes a senior recovering from a broken hip. The paramedic who knows every minute counts and exactly what to do. The social worker who finds a family the mental health resources they need.

Healthcare is the developmental support worker who sees capabilities, not disabilities. The activity aides and dietary aides who expand their job descriptions to include listening and laughter. The lab technicians, clerical staff, housekeepers, porters and maintenance staff who work attentively behind the scenes, knowing their work truly matters, even though it is rarely noticed or praised by the public.

It’s these people and the work they do that our ad campaign shows – the commitment, caring and dedication of SEIU Healthcare members.

Our commercials and ads run from May 13th to June 14th. Watch for them during your favourite television shows, in your local newspaper, and at bus stops in regions throughout the province. And check back here for links to our TV commercials and print ads coming May 13th!

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