SEIU Healthcare salutes $35 million donation to Mount Sinai Hospital

(June 24, 2013 - Richmond Hill, ON) SEIU Healthcare, Canada’s largest healthcare union, congratulated Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital on receiving a $35 million donation in support of research.

"This incredibly generous donation by Larry and Judy Tanenbaum will help Mount Sinai continue to be a world leader in research designed to prevent disease," said Sharleen Stewart, President, SEIU Healthcare. "That diabetes is one of the focuses of the gift only amplifies the coming crisis in geriatric care in Ontario—led by this very disease targeted by the Tanenbaum donation."

"By 2036 nearly one in four people in Ontario will be a senior putting an enormous strain on the healthcare sector. By investing in basic research, which this funding will allow, seniors can look forward to being healthier and more productive as they age," said Stewart. "That’s not just good news: it’s a call to action to think through healthcare policy as we spend wisely to support healthcare for those who need it most."

As $15 million is earmarked as matching gift, SEIU Healthcare encourages other wealthy individuals to meet this challenge and match the Tanenbaum’s donation.

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