SEIU Local 1 protests outside OHA head offices

SEIU stands tall for members

At the close of day four of Central Hospital Negotiations your Bargaining Committee was frustrated with the lack of will on the side of the employer to bargain in good faith and make an honest effort to reach a negotiated deal. 

For more than 36 hours the committee waited for the Employers response to our proposals. They came back agreeing to not one. This is unacceptable! 

Sharleen Stewart, President of SEIU Local1 Canada said "I am very disappointed in the OHA's inability and the employer's unwillingness to negotiate. I am so proud of our committee for their focus and hard work. They were there hoping to negotiate a deal and took everything into consideration. It is so sad that the employers did not take that olive branch." 

The committee, along with all available SEIU staff, picketed the OHA head office today. We will always stand tall and be loud so that the needs of our members are heard.

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