SEIU Members At A Long-Term Care Home Win Big Pay Increase

SEIU members at a long-term care home win big pay increase

Healthcare employees at the Huron County Home of the Aged received an 8% raise over a four-year period for nearly 250 staff members. This significant increase will help staff keep up with the rising cost of living.

Registered Practical Nurses (RPN)s received an additional raise on top of the wage increase. They will all earn an additional 40 cents an hour. For some RPNs, that’s several hundred additional dollars on their pay cheque.

Employees also won a new statutory holiday. Thanks to the hard work and determination of SEIU Healthcare member and bargaining committee member, Laura Bridge, the committee was able to secure Family Day as the work site’s 14th paid holiday.

They also negotiated a positive change in their maternity and paternity leave policy. In the past, if someone went on maternity/paternity leave, they only received 55% of their wages from Employment Insurance. Today, the employer agreed to add an additional 20%, bringing their leave to 75% of their wages for 27 weeks.

This victory shows what SEIU Healthcare members can do when they work together as a team to negotiate a contact that improves their working conditions.

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