SEIU Protests Kingsway Arms over Purple Day

On July 19, thousands of SEIU members in over 400 workplaces across Ontario celebrated SEIU's Purple Day. On Purple Day, SEIU members simply come to work wearing some purple and had some cake on their lunch break. But the managers at Kingsway Arms retirement home in Toronto didn't like this at all. 

Many hard-working SEIU members at the home were disciplined simply for wearing purple. When did wearing purple become a problem? Wearing a purple lanyard doesn't violate Kingsway's dress code. Wearing a purple necklace doesn't affect resident care. Wearing a purple wristband does not affect the quality of work employees perform on a regular basis. That's why the employees at Kingsway Arms, as well as other SEIU members in the GTA, rallied to protest Kingsway Arm's unfair and silly attacks on their hard-working staff. 

What was the rationale for this new dress code? Kingsway claimed "wearing purple confused the residents." Most of the residents SEIU spoke to didn't think purple would confuse them at all. In fact, many thought purple was a very nice colour. They were also surprised and disappointed to hear Kingsway's executive director punished these workers. They didn't think it was a big issue and did not understand why these workers who care for them on a daily basis were being punished. 

Shouldn't Kingsway Arms be more focused on bigger issues like resident care? How about proper training for workers? Or working with staff to ensure residents are enjoying their stay at the retirement home? 

Kingsway Arm's behavior doesn't make any sense. Tell Kingsway's executive director that they went too far. Send them an email at or call them at 416-266-4445!


While many of our members joyously celebrated Purple Day on July 19th in their workplaces with cakes, our members at Kingsway Arms in Scarborough were denied the opportunity to have fun and show their purple pride by their employer.

7 employees from Kingsway Arms were disciplined for participating in Purple Day. 

In response to this injustice, Team Purple organized a rally at Kingsway Arms last Friday and defended the rights of the workers. As a result of our demonstration, all disciplines were removed today and the Employer will allow Purple Day festivities to continue!!! 

Bottom line, don't mess with the Purple Powerhouses of SEIU! 

Check out the pictures from the rally on our Flickr page!

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