Self-care at the start of winter

Winter came on strong this year. With the deadly amount of snow that fell in Buffalo and temperatures well below zero across the province, we’re forced to start thinking quickly about the things we can do to stay as healthy and happy as possible during the seasonal change. Though it comes every year, it certainly takes time for most of us to adjust to winter.

Here are some ideas to get you brainstorming about what kind of self-care you can do for your physical and mental health:

  • Get a distraction or a soundtrack. I find that playlists made for winter help me take a calmer attitude toward the snow and ice, especially while I’m walking in or on it.
  • Make an emergency kit for your home and/or car. It takes a bit of planning now, but future you will be ever so grateful.
  • Stay social. Invite some friends over. If you need some interaction and maybe some cheering up, chances are they do too. Spending time with your pets or animals at a local shelter also works.
  • Consider counselling, exercise, and/or meditation. Winter, with its long and dark nights, is prime time for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) to set in. Whether or not you have a diagnosed mental illness, this can be a low time for a lot of people’s moods and we must all remember to take care of our mental health.
  • Remember to be kind to yourself while taking care of others.


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