Significant Agreed to Items

  1. Standardized rolling/replenishable lieu day bank (up to three days)

    Standardizing a rolling/replenishable lieu day bank is a significant win for our members and was a top priority for many workplaces!

  2. Union Leave increased to 120 days per request

    With our shared commitment to leadership assemblies/development and other member-led actions, we consider this agreed to item a huge ‘win’ for our members.

  3. When on union leave, employees will accumulate service and seniority for up to 1 year

    To complement our extended union leave ‘win’, we also fought for employees to accumulate service and seniority for up to one year while on union leave!

  4. Professional Practice Issues can be discussed at Labour Management Meetings

    SEIU’s Nursing Division is pleased to announce that nurses have a venue to express their professional practice concerns! We hope that by creating a space for nurses to talk about professional practice issues with the employer, that this will provide for prevention of wrongful workplace disciplines.

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