Statement from SEIU Healthcare President Sharleen Stewart on the shootings in the USA

Statement from Sharleen Stewart

I am saddened and numb from the countless lives that have been taken this week.

The shootings of both Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota, at the hands of law enforcement officers, were deeply disturbing. Their deaths no doubt speak to a larger reality that all American people must acknowledge- that we must all work together (yes even those of us north of the border), to dismantle structural racism, and defeat the hateful behaviour that it creates.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of these two men, but also to the families of those police officers who lost their lives last night in Texas.

This level of violence, and the innocent citizens who continue to lose their lives, will not go unnoticed. We will not continue to remain silent as the disease of structural racism spreads.

I stand with my brothers and sisters to the south, alongside 2 million SEIU members, asking everyone to work together as a whole and to stand with the Black Lives Matter movement. This movement is about acknowledging that Black lives are equally valuable to any other life, and that these lives deserve justice and peace.

We can do better. We can stand as one because Black Lives Matter.

Sharleen Stewart
President SEIU Healthcare

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