Statement Regarding Unifor’s rift with the CLC

Our sentiment stems from many factors, but our main concern is about the impact such a decision has on the hard-working Canadians we represent and work for, as well as the overall health and empowerment of our labour movement.

In their departure statement, UNIFOR made several references to the many reasons that motivated them to leave the CLC. They, however, failed to mention the divisive impact this departure will have on the union members at a time when solidarity can play a major role in the growth and empowerment of our members and our movement.

It is unfortunate that one of the reasons that motivated UNIFOR’s decision to depart with the CLC was an attack on the role of Canadian unions with an international affiliation. SEIU Local 1, Local 2 and SEIU West are proud affiliates of SEIU International with full Canadian autonomy which we proudly wear and fiercely defend.

Our Canadian locals, represent hard-working Canadians in many industries and sectors and operate under the strict governance of our International affiliate, while adhering to the cherished values of solidarity and empowerment of the Canadian Labour Movement; it’s hard for us to accept the UNIFOR move considering their recent raiding activity around other unions. This disaffiliation will only weaken the rights of Canadian union members across the whole labour movement.

We urge the UNIFOR National Executive Board to remember that trade union democracy is about more than imposing one’s will on someone else; trade union democracy is about working for the working people, standing together, winning together, and living by the solidarity oath sworn.

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In solidarity,

Dave Bridger
Local 2

Barbara Cape

Sharleen Stewart
Local 1, International Canadian Vice President

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