Stop Hudak, Save Healthcare



PRESS RELEASE: Healthcare union members elated by “Stop Hudak” success

SEIU Healthcare members are knocking on doors and calling voters in key ridings to talk about which local MPP candidate is best for healthcare.

As part of his plan to privatize our public healthcare system, Tim Hudak would outsource hospital jobs and drive down wages in the health sector.

Plus, a Hudak government would cancel planned raises for PSWs announced in April 2014.

We need to keep engaging politically. We hope you will get involved to stop Hudak and save healthcare. Remember to vote on June 12.


SEIU Healthcare has been working with both the Liberal Party and NDP for years to improve our healthcare system and win on issues that matter to our members.

Tim Hudak’s PCs want to be able to run Ontario unopposed with a majority government, even though less than a third of Ontarians actually support them.

Our fight isn’t with the Liberals or the NDP, it’s with the Conservatives. We need to vote strategically to make sure Tim Hudak doesn’t become Premier.

Voting strategically means supporting the candidate in your riding who is best positioned to beat Tim Hudak’s PC candidate on June 12.


Who should I vote for to stop Hudak?

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